What We Do

Modern epigenetic data shows that differences between how we experience illness and vitality is simply a switch in the electrical flow through the body. Electrical flow is measured through frequency. By changing your frequency, it is possible to achieve many powerful changes in your mind, body and spirit. These changes reveal a new state of unity and impact in all areas of your life!

“It’s all about the shift”

Private Biofeedback Sessions

Actualize your potential with a subscription to remote Biofeedback Sessions. Start by selecting your healing package below.

3 Months  |  $377 Mo
$200 Savings

6 Months  |  $342 Mo
$400 Savings

Genius Biofeedback offers you an exciting, effective pathway to pure vitality on all levels. Tap into heightened awareness and self-healing with solid assurances for change. Our system works by combining quantum biofeedback frequencies with your clear intentions and supported lifestyle changes. Receiving biofeedback means your innate discernment chooses which frequencies to apply, when, and how much based on your internal desires for peaceful healing and balanced stamina.

Our job is to keep healing options traveling to you continually. New doors will open before you and you’ll find a refreshing state of calmness in your biofield to help you progress beyond what you once thought was possible.

Harmonize the many barriers to peace within and around you and learn to fully relax into the present moment. This is unity.

We use a variety of effective naturopathic tools in our practice, but the heart of our approach is based on Genius Biofeedback sessions combined with Young Living Essential Oils. Biofeedback works through an evaluation of your energetic field by determining the vibrational frequencies of your organs, system, and emotions; and even your DNA! The best part is it also identifies and offers the exact set of healing frequencies you need and sends them to you remotely every week! Our clients often choose to support themselves further with essential oil-based personal care items, plant-based household cleaners, and developing an anointing practice. Putting the energetic field of essential oils to work with your biofield amplifies your great results!

Imagine being able to scan your entire body, mind and biofield; and even your pets, home and office! Using the intriguing information your Genius sessions provide, the power to harmonize imbalances is in your hands.