-Misha F., Meeker, Oklahoma

The frequencies are reaching out to all areas of my life. Our prayers are being answered and it’s working. I asked God to find favor for my husband and bless him, and I prayed that he would be noticed for the hard work he does. My husband and I BOTH got promotions at work! And I became pregnant. I’m so much happier, and so is my husband.

Even when I was sick with morning sickness or Covid I wasn’t reacting so much to feelings of anger that used to be deep down inside. It’s really amazing.

Life is hard when you are stuck in a place and you feel like there’s a hard shell that you can’t break out of. When I first listened to the frequencies I’d listen at night with my ear buds and fall asleep to them. When I was sick I’d turn it on throughout the day. Now I listen at work because if I have a hard work day I can go to the Biofeedback, which is really reassuring. It makes me feel like everything’s going to be okay. The hard parts of my life are a lot more tolerable and I react differently now.

I’ve been able to process really hard stuff from when I was a little girl. My siblings don’t even remember stuff like I do. Now I know how different things will be for our kids. The Biofeedback has been helping me heal from all of it. My coping mechanisms are really different, too. I used to eat cookies and cupcakes to deal with the stress, but now I hardly have any sweets.

I love when I receive the capsule fill and start to use it. When it’s empty I look forward to getting it. If I don’t have it I toss and turn a lot to fall asleep. When I get it I sleep great! Biofeedback has been totally amazing and a major breakthrough in my life!
-Misha F., Meeker, Oklahoma

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