Our cherished clients are overcoming disease states, and are working toward a deeper experience of joy and more impact in life.

Like many others they are interested in holistic, naturopathic and natural care that is powerful and easy to access. Some are awakening to new personal realities or opening to refreshingly adaptive ways of existing in their life. They are interested in the unseen, energetic world and likely fascinated by the science behind it as well. They are capitalizing on the harmonics created within a multi-factorial approach.

Won’t you join us? What are you interested in experiencing?

Recent Testimonials

-Melinda O., Houston, Texas

My health was so bad and stressful that I prayed to God for help. I started biofeedback sessions and one day realized I was HAPPY! My depression was suddenly gone. My family is so much better. There is less stress and now it’s peaceful and our relationships are harmonious. I want to learn how to get my own Biofeedback system!
-Melinda O., Houston, Texas

-Destiny R., Oklahoma City

I felt a calm wave of peacefulness come over me. I focused on my breath and “POOF!” There was some kind of pop or release and all my pain just released! It was just gone from my whole body! It was a lesson in surrender and I loved it! I let go of control and my pain went from a 5 or 6 to a zero! I was mentally going through my whole body, breathing in the healing biofeedback session. I felt it touch every part of my being. All the mental chatter just went away and my whole body relaxed. It was so nice and very unexpected.
-Destiny R., Oklahoma City

-Misha F., Meeker, Oklahoma

The frequencies are reaching out to all areas of my life. Our prayers are being answered and it’s working. I asked God to find favor for my husband and bless him, and I prayed that he would be noticed for the hard work he does. My husband and I BOTH got promotions at work! And I became pregnant. I’m so much happier, and so is my husband.

Even when I was sick with morning sickness or Covid I wasn’t reacting so much to feelings of anger that used to be deep down inside. It’s really amazing.

Life is hard when you are stuck in a place and you feel like there’s a hard shell that you can’t break out of. When I first listened to the frequencies I’d listen at night with my ear buds and fall asleep to them. When I was sick I’d turn it on throughout the day. Now I listen at work because if I have a hard work day I can go to the Biofeedback, which is really reassuring. It makes me feel like everything’s going to be okay. The hard parts of my life are a lot more tolerable and I react differently now.

I’ve been able to process really hard stuff from when I was a little girl. My siblings don’t even remember stuff like I do. Now I know how different things will be for our kids. The Biofeedback has been helping me heal from all of it. My coping mechanisms are really different, too. I used to eat cookies and cupcakes to deal with the stress, but now I hardly have any sweets.

I love when I receive the capsule fill and start to use it. When it’s empty I look forward to getting it. If I don’t have it I toss and turn a lot to fall asleep. When I get it I sleep great! Biofeedback has been totally amazing and a major breakthrough in my life!
-Misha F., Meeker, Oklahoma

-Lucia O., New Jersey

When my biofeedback session started my sinuses were clogged and I didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away! I felt my muscles twitching. That was very unexpected. My sinuses cleared and I could breathe again. I was so tickled! This work is so vital and effective.
-Lucia O., New Jersey

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