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Compare Session Packs2021-10-05T10:07:22-05:00

The Awareness Session Includes:

  • One Biofeedback Experience
  • One Thirty-minute naturopathic consultation
  • Access to our Empowered Wellness Group
  • A $25 Young Living Discount with a Young Living Membership Activation (or reactivation).
  • $79

The Alignment Pack Includes:

  • Everything above, plus:
  • One month of weekly scans and a 30-minute naturopathic consultation.
  • A Quanta Capsule App ($69 value!)
  • $444 for one month.

The Focused Momentum Pack Includes:

  • Everything included above, plus:
  • Three months of weekly biofeedback scans and 3 naturopathic consultations.
  • Ongoing support from your practitioner
  • One Custom Program of Your Choice
  • A Quanta Capsule App ($69 value!)
  • Imprinted Success Bracelet with YOUR custom frequencies!
  • $1131 OR $377 per month for three months.

The Higher Unity Pack Includes:

  • Everything included in the above packs, plus:
  • Six months of weekly biofeedback scans and 6 naturopathic consultations.
  • An additional Custom Program of Your Choice
  • A Young Living Essential Oils Welcome Package
  • Two FREE Awareness Sessions to give away to others!
  • $2052 OR $342 per month for six months.
  • Savings: $400
Includes Intro
1 Month
3 Months
Focused Momentum
6 Months
Higher Unity
Weekly (Trial) Biofeedback scans X X X X
One-month access to Empowered Wellness Group X X X X
A 30-minute holistic consultation each month X (1 consult) X X X
A $25 gift certificate for a Young Living Starter Kit X X X X
Ongoing support from your practitioner each month X X X
Quanta Capsule app X X X
Custom Programs of your choice 1 2
Imprinted Success Bracelet with YOUR custom frequencies! X X
Two FREE Awareness Sessions to give away to others! X
Total $79 $444 $377* $342**
Get This Get This Get This Get This

Save money every month with our 3 and 6 month subscription packages.

* Price is per month and includes our 3 month $200 subscription discount
** Price is per month and includes a 6 month $612 subscription discount

Private Genius Biofeedback Sessions

The following are some frequently asked questions about our services.  If you don’t find the question or answer you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re here to help you!

How do biofeedback scans work?2021-10-04T09:49:58-05:00

Unity Biofeedback works through evaluation of your energetic field. This technology that was developed at MIT, mathematically analyzes your voice, picture and date of birth. It then turns this information into an electrical frequency and compares it to the frequencies embedded within the system. The system then provides subtle shifts and changes through frequencies that are sent to you that add up to profound results!

What is a Quanta Capsule App?2021-05-26T14:50:55-05:00

A Quanta Capsule is a phone app that allows you to receive your personalized package of frequencies and listen to them right from your phone.  Be sure to get this link through Unity Biofeedback; not the app store.

What can I learn in the Young Living Member’s area?2021-10-04T09:53:11-05:00

On this private page you’ll have access to over 30 essential oils classes, online group events, our newsletter, a private discussion area, and the Young Living Brand Ambassador’s business training page. All our resources are available in Spanish, too!

What does the 30-minute naturopathic consultation involve?2021-10-04T09:54:14-05:00

Your body operates as a whole, so consultations are designed to help you make connections and understand how to better support the systems your body uses to promote vitality.  Together we review your scan reports for the month and discuss any trends, challenges and improvements you’re experiencing. You will come away with deeper knowledge about your health advances and the energetic tools used to support them, as well as additional ideas to help you fully realize your goals and make change easy and fun!

What does the Young Living Starter Bundle include?2021-10-12T15:18:12-05:00

Unity Biofeedback features three important Starter Bundles of Young Living products to help you detoxify your home, your body and your family- the Premium Starter Bundle with oils, the Thieves Starter Bundle, and the Ningxia Red Bundle. With the purchase of one of these Starter Bundles you will enjoy Exclusive Member Pricing, Monthly Bonus Items, Reduced Shipping Costs, High-Quality Essential Oils, Essential Oil Education, the amazing Essential Rewards Program, and the Young Living Compensation Plan.

Thieves Starter Bundle

Ningxia Red Starter Bundle

Young Living Starter Kit

Premium Starter Bundle

What kind of ongoing support is included?2021-10-05T09:40:02-05:00

You will have access to your practitioner in the Young Living Member’s Area discussion group, through email, and also during your monthly naturopathic consultations. These consultations are designed to answer all your questions and also connect you to resources to help you learn more. Additionally, in the Young Living Member’s Area you will find classes and information on various modalities our biofeedback system employs, along with like-minded people having insightful healing conversations on a variety of topics!

What is a Custom Program?2021-06-04T18:41:19-05:00

Custom Programs are available with the Focused Momentum or Higher Unity Packs. These are extra programs your practitioner can run for you on a set schedule, aside from the regular sessions that you run for yourself on your Quanta Capsule.

Options include:

  • Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Brain and Cognition Protocol
  • Pain Disturbance Harmonization
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • Weight Release with Keto Panel
What’s included in the Young Living Essential Oils Welcome Package?2021-05-26T15:01:30-05:00

Many of our biofeedback clients become members of our Young Living Essential Oils group, but it is not a requirement. If you choose to get a starter bundle from Young Living, we will support you to learn to use them to their fullest potential! Our gift to you is a Welcome To Young Living Package that includes an essential oils reference app, the Simply Home booklet, a handy Zippered Pouch for your oils, Two Roller Bottles for your custom blends; and a Welcome Card so you can record your member information and learn to login to to place your next orders.

What are essential oils? How are they produced?2021-05-26T15:04:17-05:00

Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are the very essence of the plant- the plant’s “life force”. Just as we have a bloodstream, plants have essential oils flowing through them, but the concentrated oils are far more powerful than the plant itself. Not all essential oils are created equal, however. Because they are concentrated it is important that they are grown with the highest standards in the industry- this means they are safe to use. We use and recommend the best essential oils on the planet- Young Living.

What are the different grades of essential oils?2021-05-26T15:05:43-05:00
  • Low quality oils are typically synthetic oils created in a laboratory to mimic actual plant chemistry. These oils are usually added to personal care items found in stores- even health food stores.
  • Perfume grade oils are adulterated oils that contain solvents and other chemicals.
  • Natural or food grade oils can still contain chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, or chemical solvents.
  • Therapeutic grade oils are pure and unadulterated. They are safe for internal usage, according to the French aromatherapy model.
What sets Young Living Oils apart from all other brands?2021-05-26T15:07:35-05:00

Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that owns their own farms or partners with farms that are willing to live up to their standards for growing, harvesting and distilling.

Young Living essential oils contain all desired therapeutic compounds – nothing more, nothing less. Since we have been testing plants and recording the variety of compounds for over 25 years, we have the largest essential library on the planet and no other company can ever catch up to our level of expertise. We also have the greatest selection of singles & blends of any essential oil company.

Young Living uses the finest production practices in the industry. They distill oils once at low temperatures and pressures, using chemical-free water and medical-grade stainless steel distillers. We even weed our fields by hand! Even the manure we use to fertilize our fields comes from animals who never consume GMO feed.

Anyone can visit the Young Living farms around the globe and participate in the harvest & distillation process. We highly recommend this experience! No other essential oil company owns their own farms and can offer this opportunity.

Young Living oils meet all industry AFNOR and ISO standards and are subjected to isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) analysis which determines whether a particular essential oil is naturally sourced or synthetic (created in a lab).

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