Bring current intelligence from your mind, body and biofield into your conscious awareness with this powerful trial session! Your Unity Biofeedback session will pinpoint top stressors and identify the healing frequencies that are most adapted to you to help you navigate natural health care decisions like a pro! Those healing frequencies will be played for you at the end of the naturopathic discussion of your results.

Awareness Session Includes

  • One Scan Experience

  • One thirty-minute naturopathic consultation
  • Access to our Quantum Collective Group.
  • 1 Session: $79 One Time Fee

More About This Pack

Unity Biofeedback’s Awareness Session is like having your inner guidance tuned into all things impacting your current reality- past, present and even generational! Gain more insight into all things whole and healthy, and also into the quantum realm by joining our curated collection of groups. Amplify your results with a Young Living Essential Oils membership and Premium Starter Kit! It’s a multi-dimensional approach that will leave you empowered to target your exact needs and leave the rest of life’s clutter behind.

Navigate natural health care decisions like a pro with the Awareness Session! The Biofeedback session will list top issues with your body, mind, and biofield and identify exactly what you need to turn things around. You will gain thorough insight into what the system identifies and what that means to your overall health during your naturopathic consultation. You’ll come away knowing more about how everything fits together.

In addition, you’ll receive a custom frequencies session where you will experience the effects of Unity Biofeedback first hand! 

Private Biofeedback Sessions

Actualize your potential with a subscription to remote Biofeedback Sessions. Start by selecting your healing package below.

3 Months  |  $377 Mo
$200 Savings

6 Months  |  $342 Mo
$400 Savings