Who We Are

Unity Biofeedback was created by Young Living Leader Araiah Jazzar, your quantum healing guide. Biofeedback practitioners are wise observers of your unique vibrational frequency who report objective energetic information for you. We watch for patterns and offer suggestions for deep transformation. Your increased awareness of your health needs brings powerful results when combined with this careful guidance.

Not only will you hold the power of the quantum realm in your hands, but you will come away from your private consultations with confidence in your progress and simple-to-use tools that produce profound change!

We believe in helping our clients get the most out of their work with us by using Young Living essential oils, supplements and personal care products as a way to enhance their unique vibrational frequency! This option helps our clients in many ways, but especially reducing the burden of toxic chemicals in their homes and on their bodies.

We believe in a comprehensive, spiritual approach to healing that incorporates the power of the quantum realm for feeling fully alive!

Araiah can help you paint a picture of your future as completely healed and harmonized; full of tranquility and focused impact in areas that are important to you.

We are committed to speaking LIFE in our conversations as the pain of past experiences falls away. Using our proven methods, ill health and emptiness are replaced with greater clarity, peace and prosperity for you, and for those around you.