Members are Invited to join our private group

Unity Biofeedback offers group opportunities designed to support your growth and accelerate your quantum healing experiences.

Empowered Wellness:

Start your health and wellness journey with this month-long educational Facebook group! The Empowered Wellness Group offers insightful health discussions and a LIVE group biofeedback event! You’ll learn the basics of how and why to detoxify your home and body, and also a basic foundation of health topics to take the mystery out of healing.

Because of the pervasive medical model, which only treats and masks symptoms, most people don’t really know what healing looks like or how to support the body in the process. Unity Biofeedback is committed to your continued expansion as you grow in knowledge, healing experiences and openness. Empowered Wellness is a haven where we discuss our progress, insights, challenges and great ideas. As you progress through the group you’ll start to discover root causes of issues that may have been draining your energy for years. We will feel our vitality come alive together as we enjoy daily posts and discussions. Connect on Zoom for a live group biofeedback session is a fast-paced, fun event that is highly informative and healing. Be ready for learning, connection and powerful transformation!

The Quantum Collective:

This group is focused on healing on all levels- physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, generational, communal and global. It is a deep well of shared knowledge, experiences and conversation- an energetic exchange. Our focus is tapping into healing via a working knowledge of the fascinating quantum realm in relation to holy scripture. We discuss conscious language and natural medicines of all kinds; as well as a variety of healing modalities and therapeutics. We dive into the gnosis, or “inner”standing of the vibratory field behind all of nature’s designs and methodology.

This group includes everything you need for a deeply rewarding life transformation! Go at your own pace and dig into fascinating topics as you’re ready for them. There is a full essential oils curriculum of classes that follows the French Model of aromatherapy, live classes and events with guest speakers, an option for an intensive year-long detox program; and Araiah’s Master Class- 7 Blessings. This makes our discussion a part of a private membership group and member’s free speech is protected by the ecclesiastical realm. As a result, our conversation is not subject to any other governing body’s rules or regulations. In short, we enjoy free speech. Content of The Quantum Collective is not to be shared outside the group. It is deeply thought-provoking and provides a framework for rapid, miraculous healing, or long-term healing over time in pace with your personal growth. Keep an open mind, have your own experience with the information and be sure to ask plenty of questions!

Envision Balance:

Envision Balance is a month-long Facebook group designed to help you create mental harmony, no matter what is happening in life. Envision Balance provides a framework for emotional healing and the release of trauma responses from past events using Young Living Essential Oils. When we experience long term stress, a traumatic event, or a sudden painful emotion; the brain “writes a message” on our DNA. These genetic corruptions stay trapped in the body and operate as “live programming” until they are acknowledged and released. We feel these corruptions in the form of “triggers” when something happens to allow us to become aware of stress. Using the sense of smell allows this process to happen naturally and easily because the olfactory system (nose) is situated in front of the limbic system, where we store and process emotions. (That’s one reason why flowers are traditionally given on sad occasions like funerals, and happy ones like weddings). Pure plant essences travel easily through the blood brain barrier to create gentle changes and correct the corruptions. Your Envision Balance Group offers valuable insight into the experience of emotional release and helps you learn to support the body as it heals with daily Facebook posts and a special live biofeedback healing event for the entire group.