What is Unity Biofeedback?

Unity Biofeedback is a remote, naturopathic healing service that uses cutting-edge science to produce profound results for our clients’ health and happiness.  It’s like having the ultimate personal growth and healing plan WITHOUT paying for supplements and professional grade remedies! 

It is easy to use and remarkably effective. Clients meet with their practitioner online each week.

How does biofeedback work?

Unity Biofeedback works through evaluation of your energetic field. This technology was developed at MIT.  It mathematically analyzes your voice, picture and date of birth.

It then turns this information into an electrical frequency and compares it to the frequencies of health and lifestyle issues embedded within the system. The system then provides subtle shifts and changes through frequencies that add up to profound results!

How is biofeedback different?

Biofeedback is different from other approaches because it alleviates the energetic signature of certain health conditions.  Frequencies matching those associated with people who have been diagnosed with specific illnesses are identified in weekly scan sessions.  If you’ve been wondering about root causes of your issues you’ll love your sessions!

We do not guess about all that is involved in our client’s health conditions- we see it all in the scan report.  Clients enjoy learning this pivotal information, and seeing the profound changes that come with alleviating them.

What makes our practitioners different from other healers?

Unity Biofeedback practitioners take time to get to know our clients during weekly sessions.  We are masters at helping people identify the energetics of their illnesses and areas of stalled personal growth. 

These issues tend to show up in the form of trapped, negative emotions or generational trauma, and they hold people back in subtle ways.  Just identifying and discussing the links between past experiences and their current life situation is very liberating for our clients.  Using biofeedback releases these barriers, catapulting our client’s vitality and success in life!

How comprehensive are our methods?

Instead of relying solely on chemistry or covering up symptoms like allopathic care models do, biofeedback utilizes the vibratory field to employ a variety of highly effective energetic remedies. 

Because of the advanced technology used, biofeedback will help you get the results you want.  Your results with biofeedback might pleasantly surprise and delight you, especially if you have tried everything in the past!

Weekly scans allow a full body approach by analyzing the vibrational frequency of the entire body, mind and biofield.  This helps clients identify the complex root causes underpinning difficult energetic issues.

What kind of energetic methods does Unity Biofeedback use?

We send our clients the frequencies of flower essences, homeopathics, essential oils, Rife frequencies, Solfeggio tones, professional grade supplements, essential oils and MUCH more. This allows for a powerful overlap of pointed support for the spiritual, emotional and physical realms. The results are simply amazing- they speak for themselves.

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