What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a form of energy medicine.

What is energy medicine?  It can be hard to grasp right away because we are not traditionally taught about the subtle, energetic realms of nature.  But the scientific foundation for energy medicine in the data stretching all the way back to the early 1900’s.

There is a vibrational frequency that exists in the body and everything in it.  That means that thoughts, organs, and even the pathogens in our body vibrate at specific levels.  These frequencies are discernible to modern devices.  For example, if the frequency of a tapeworm shows up, it’s a good indication that there is a problem!

Similarly, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, affirmations and other natural techniques all have a measurable vibrational frequency.  That means that the frequency of these methods can undo the damage caused by negative thoughts, muscle tension, pathogens or lack of blood flow.

The exciting effects of this type of healing are evident in many areas of life.  Our clients report profound shifts in their physical bodies, but also their relationships, finances, and overall quality of life.

Frequency generating devices are nothing new.

Standard polygraph tests have been used for decades to measure galvanic skin response.  Technology has advanced to the point that the human voice can be used to determine where problems lie. When you send us your voice print and photograph, bioenergetic frequencies are shared with our system.  Then we go to work to determine exactly what you need.  It’s fascinating that even disturbances within the DNA can be detected!  That means that if something you’re carrying came from your grandparents or great-grandparents, your voice alone can illustrate exactly what the problem is!  We instantly generate a report that includes the exact frequencies you need to combat them.  The holistic, naturopathic approach we use supports the body on many levels.

What kinds of problems can biofeedback help with?

There are many areas Unity Biofeedback looks at when running scans on the body.  Within the list of ailments below you’ll find a variety of sub-headings.  When running scans we keep an eye on how these areas impact each other. Health issues are regularly passed down through the generations.  And, the lived experience of these issues usually impacts other areas.

For example, if there is alcoholism in your family line you might be experiencing liver disease or trauma-induced stress.  The liver holds the trapped, negative emotion of anger.  This anger sometimes impacts family dynamics.  Specific healing frequencies oppose anger, and others combine to support the release of pathogens from this organ.  The system might then reveal what needs to happen within the digestive system to facilitate a smooth release of disease; and also affirm new, adaptive emotional states.  Keep in mind that any residual emotional distress will also be identified and addressed.

What kind of energetic remedies are available for me?

We believe in a comprehensive approach to healing the body on all levels.  We utilize a variety of frequencies that mirror the best professional grade supplements and natural methods available today.  We have what will benefit you the most, whether it is nutritional supplements, specific sound healing modalities, or cutting-edge methods to reverse disease states.


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