Araiah’s Personal Genius Testimony

For years I have enjoyed rapid healing experiences both for myself and my family using Young Living Essential Oils. Professionally, I’ve taught countless classes for others around the world and marveled at the changes I’ve seen in people and communities. My work also included a very popular frequency-based healing device. One night my partner literally heard from God to “Shut it down”. She promptly obeyed, eliminating the whole client database we had built over 12+ years, along with our personal healthcare records (not to mention over $25,000.00 worth of software). I was stunned and upset, until I realized God was doing something through my devout and obedient friend. Without computer software I was led to lean into my spiritual healing gifts and intuition more in my work.

Then I took a three week trip to Costa Rica and really explored spiritual healing with a precious group of friends on a therapeutic retreat. When I came back home, a Young Living Diamond Leader told me about the Genius Biofeedback System and I quickly bought one for myself (it was extraordinarily inexpensive!). Little did I know the discomfort I had been feeling was from a Lyme flare-up brought on by the jungle heat.

I was already very impressed with my new Genius Biofeedback System because of what it had done for Amanda’s family! I told my husband, “If this thing heals my Lyme I’m going to freak out!” That remark still makes me laugh, because it DID eliminate all my symptoms in only two hours. You see, in the past I would have had to go to a clinic out of state and spend over $10,000.00 to see those kinds of results. My eyes were opened to a completely new reality. The powerful quantum healing I had experienced at the clinic was now available to me in the palms of my hands, and to my clients! It now means so much more than that because of the amazing testimonials I continue to witness a daily basis.

For me, being a victim of past institutional abuse and trauma left me with many emotional scars and physical distress. No matter what I did, I could not stop experiencing asthma and reacting to live with anger and criticism. The pain left me feeling that people were unsafe and I didn’t really trust anyone enough to form close relationships. Because of this I had limited success in business, even though I knew a lot about healing. So, I formed a biofeedback group for professionals to heal negative beliefs about money and success. The Genius system turned my whole life around in short order- especially my finances!

Rough relationships with my family smoothed out. I started being much more responsible for my feelings. Today, I live each day with deep enthusiasm because every day holds many gifts. My life is full of creativity, abundance and refreshingly positive changes. And, the daughter I lost when I was institutionalized has now returned to me, thanks to the relationship harmonizing and spiritual panels!
If you’re considering a healing subscription from Unity Biofeedback or even purchasing your own Genius Biofeedback System, my advice to you is go for it! It’s true, friends. Deep, lasting healing on all levels can happen for you, friends. It is possible. And there is immense power in that liberation.

God promises his followers double portions in many places throughout scripture. Joel 2:25-32 says that God repays his people for the years the locusts have eaten and they (we) will never again be shamed. It’s true, friends. It is very true. May you be liberated and lifted up, Beloved.

-Araiah Jazzar, Norman, Oklahoma

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